Services Include:

Tuning and Maintenence

Depending on your needs and expectations, your home piano should be serviced two to four times annually. At very least, your piano needs to be serviced and returned to pitch once every year. I'm pleased to attend to your piano's regular tuning and maintenence needs with flexible daytime or evening appointments.

Humidity Control

I'm pleased to install a Dampp-Chaser Piano Lifesaver System in your piano. Besides prolonging the life of your piano, your piano's pitch stability will improve. This is especially important when there are large fluctuations in temperature and humidity such as churches, older homes and other buildings with inadequate climate control. All pianos, however, will benefit from the installation of a humidity control system.


Thinking about buying or selling a piano? Perhaps you'd like to know your piano's value prior to investing in repairs or upgrades. I'm available to assess your prospective piano purchase and provide the information you need to make your decision.

On-site and Shop Repairs

Broken string? Chipped or missing ivories? A few keys just don't play anymore? I can accomplish most minor repairs during a normal tuning visit. More involved repairs may require a second visit or removal of some piano parts to my shop. Either way, I'm always pleased to deliver prompt, professional and efficient repairs in a timely fashion.

Keyboard Service

Besides repairing broken or missing ivories, I'll completely recover your keys with durable and beautiful acrylic key tops. Other keyboard services include key re-bushing, key leveling, straightening, spacing and regulation.

Full Action Regulation

"Action regulation" refers to the many adjustments made per note in order optimize your piano playing and listening experience. I'm happy to provide full regulation as well as maintenence regulation in your home to keep your piano performing as good as new or even better!


Over time, piano wire loses some of its ability to deliver the tone of new, quality wire. Copper-wound bass strings typically lose their "brilliance" leaving only a box-y or tubby tone, lacking in clarity and distinction. I'll provide complete or partial (bass strings only) restringing, in most cases, right in your home!

Hammer Replacement, Re-shaping and Voicing

Your piano's felt hammers are the hardest working parts of your piano. Like tires on a car, they wear the most and have the greatest impact on handling and performance. Badly worn hammers can be re-shaped, re-voiced and otherwise manipulated to improve sound and response but they will never again approach the performance of new, quality, properly-voiced hammers. I can either re-shape or replace your hammers and provide professional voicing appropriate to your taste and application.


Older pianos that have been poorly maintained are often set aside as unplayable. I will effect repairs and upgrades to your piano to recover much of it's usefulness.


Even a well-maintained piano can enjoy improved performance with current, state-of-the-art parts and procedures. I'll rebuild your piano to functionally optimize its sound and performance. Improvements might include top quality hammers and strings, touch-weight analysis and optimization, bridge and soundboard repair or replacement, key recovering, and string rescaling. You will benefit from many of the advances made in piano technology introduced since your piano was manufactured.

Electric Pianos and Hammond Organs

Besides tuning, I'm equipped to repair and modify the action and electonic components of your Rhodes or Wurlitzer electric piano. I can also look after repairs of Hammond organ (models A/AB/BC/E/D/CV/BV/RT/B2/C2/RT2/B3/C3/RT3/A1xx/M/M2/M3 only) as well as your Leslie speaker (tube amp models only).

Instrument Rentals

Through my other interest, EMV Keys, I can provide rental instruments including Hammond organ consoles with Leslie speakers, Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos and small vertical pianos.