Basic Piano Tuning - $110 - Other Fees

Welcome to Artist Piano Care

Serving the Greater Toronto and Surrounding Areas

Thanks for visiting! Over the past ten years, I've been providing professional piano tuning, repair and maintenance to piano owners in Greater Toronto and Surrounding Areas.

While it's been my pleasure to serve you, I will now be turning most of my attention to operating my other venture, Foundry 85 Classic Recording Studio. For the next while I will continue to provide limited piano service close to home but likely no more then one day per week. I'll be happy to refer you to one of my colleagues in your area if I'm unable to serve you within these limitations. I'd like to thank all of my former clients for your trust in my abilities. It has been my pleasure to serve.

Phil Manning, Piano technician - Member, C.A.P.T

shop: 416.907.3562

cell: 905.626.3727


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